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Our Website is Live!

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

The default stock blog picture was too perfect to delete.

We don't know this guy above, but he looks like he's hard at work. Just like our team. So we decided to keep him. He looks like a David, so we'll call him Dave.

So... here's our website.

We'll update things here periodically, and also on our social channels. We're hoping to post at least once a week. Our big news is that we're submitting the Alpha build of Polyminer to indie festivals, specifically REDACTED and REDACTED.

Here's another stock image that came with this template, this time it's a computer. Most likely Dave's computer.

So apart from our website being live, and that we're submitting the alpha to festivals, we have delivered all of the relevant information we needed to convey. The rest of this is just textual filler. Nothing to see here folks.

Finally, here is Dave taking a picture of his bourgeois soup.

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