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How long can you survive in this part-action, part-puzzle ship shooter?

Ship Shooter... With a Twist

Survive in an asteroid field with... no bullets! If you're looking for a button masher, this isn't the game for you. This strategic ship-shooter requires critical thinking. Can you plan for the unexpected? Utilize your tools, pay attention to your cooldowns, and test your reflexes to build up your score. 

Collect Recourses & Unlock Ships

Without resources, you cannot survive. Make sure you are destroying the right asteroids to get the resources you need for the situation in order to survive. Collecting resources also allows you to unlock new ships with different special abilities.

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We are a small independent game studio that just can’t help but make games. We are working on this project in our free-time after finishing our day-jobs. 

Best Wishes, 

Wild Ember Team

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